If you’re a Timeshare owner, now you can have total freedom from your limited 1 or 2 week holiday! The Travel Global Vacations V.O.I.C.E. (Vacation Ownership Interval Compensation Exchange) program was specifically developed by Travel Global Vacations to make it easy to exchange your existing Timeshare within your travel portal for Reward Credits. You may use your Reward Credits for virtually anything in our system (except airfare). Travel Global Vacations is the only vacation club of it’s kind to have this unique feature!

The V.O.I.C.E feature removes the hassle of trying to exchange your week through Timeshare networks, or attempting to reserve a week that is not available in your resort. Instead of one week, you’re free to use your Reward Credits up to 52 weeks / year! And you’re not only limited to resort destinations. You may use your Reward Credits for hotel stays, cruises, worldwide tours, car rentals, theme parks, and more! Now you have the flexibility to travel any way you’d like! 

Imagine a program that rewards you for taking a vacation! With our exclusive Reward Program you will earn credits every time you travel. Anytime you book anything on our site, you will receive reward credits for every dollar spent. To gain reward credits on airfare, upload your flight itinerary by clicking on ‘Flights’ tab. You’ll receive one credit for every two dollars you spend on airfare. Then, redeem your credits at any time for discounts on travel costs, annual dues, gifts and more.

In addition, you can maximize your Rewards by using a credit card that also gives you benefits such as sky miles, cash-back incentives, gas discounts and much more!

Each area of the Travel Portal allows you to see how many Reward Credits you’ll earn on each item booked. Also, you will be able to view the cost of your booking in either money or Reward Credit value at the click of a button!

Need a few extra credits to book your next trip? No problem, you may also purchase Reward Credits right through your travel portal. You may also use your Reward Credits to purchase eGift cards good for thousands of name brand merchandise – or donate your Reward Credits to the Bridges of Light Foundation to help foster children in need.
Travel Global Vacations has incorporated an entire products section in the Members travel portal. Now you can enjoy e-Gift Cards, Restaurant Gift Cards and our new international Wine Club subscriptions. Use your reward credits to purchase eGift Cards redeemable at some of your favorite stores and restaurants. After purchasing your eGift Card, you will receive an email with the gift card voucher. Print it out and redeem it in store or use the voucher code to shop online. It’s that easy!
Since 1990 The California Wine Club has introduced wine enthusiasts to a monthly wine adventure! With four great wine of the month clubs to choose from, we offer a selection of award-winning wine to suit all tastes and all budgets. Every wine we feature is handcrafted by artisan wineries and guaranteed to delight.

Now you can receive reward credits for every flight itinerary uploaded to your account! Your itinerary has to be for an upcoming flight, so past flights are not valid. It is also required that the total amount paid for the trip be displayed on the itinerary. There is a limit of $2,000 worth of arrivals per calendar year. By simply uploading your flight itinerary, you can earn 1 credit for every $2 you spend. Just save your flight itinerary as a .pdf, a .doc, or a .docx file, and then click the “Upload Your Itinerary” button in your travel portal! It’s that easy! Reserve flights with your favorite credit card offering sky miles and/or other rewards to gain even more benefits!

And if you need a car rental when you arrive, no problem! We’ve got you covered there too! Simply select your arrival and pickup locations from virtually any major airport or rental car location, choose your vehicle and confirm your guaranteed best price reservations! That’s right, we’ll meet any price out there or we’ll pay you the difference! 

Welcome to your personal travel portal! This private member portal allows you complete access to the destinations of your dreams at amazing members-only prices. From our ‘Sweet Deals’ and Hotel & Resort Accommodations to Cruises and Car Rentals, Travel Global Vacations offers a variety of travel destinations to fit any lifestyle or budget. Your account access allows you to view all of your travel reservation history at a glance. View reward credits, purchase guest passes, track your savings, store and save credit card information, set your personal vacation preferences and so much more. Book your holiday in real-time or contact your personal concierge specialist to assist you with your booking. With Travel Global Vacations, the possibilities are endless!
With so many travel deals on the internet, having the best price available at all times can be a moving target. Especially when some websites offer last minute deals that are sometimes ‘too good to be true’. That’s why we developed the 110% Member Best Price Guarantee (the best in the industry).

And we even make it easy for you to submit your claim. Simply click on the Submit Your Claim button from within your travel portal and you will be directed to a simple form to fill out. That’s it! No elaborate hoops to jump through or complicated paperwork. Now you’ll have the peace of mind that you are with the best travel club membership on earth! 

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