About Travel Global Vacations Club

About Us

Travel Global Vacations began it’s journey back in 2004 when one of the founders started selling travel clubs online. Over the years, it’s made transitions and transformations, plus merged with another club (formerly Resorts360) to become the power house travel provider it is today. It is incorporated under the new company name Smart Software Apps, LLC.

With offices in California, Hawaii, and soon Minnesota, no other marketing company has invested the time, money and energy into developing a true travel platform whereby members can experience superior value, service, community and a feeling of true ‘ownership’. Literally hundreds of thousands of dollars has been invested in our technology and partnerships with exclusive resorts that are otherwise not available with other clubs. As our partnerships grow, so does the value and variety we offer to our members… We are proud to be one of 3 companies worldwide to offer an exclusive travel club membership with ShorePointe Resorts Club with RCI Points. Through your purchase of ShorePointe Resorts Club, you will become a member of RCI Platinum and receive 10,000 points. Additional points can be purchased at a penny and a half each.

Our Philosophy

Travel Global Vacations’ philosophy is simple: Our members come first. Everything we do revolves around this concept. From superior product development, to outstanding customer service, we thrive on the growth and satisfaction of our members. In fact, many of the features and benefits of our company were shaped by you, our most valued asset.

Where We Are Heading

Wee are poised to be the most sought after travel membership in the industry. With constant new developments and features being added to our database almost monthly, there is no doubt we will continually have the cutting edge of property selection, price and special promotional offers that are unique to Travel Global Vacations and ShorePointe Resort Club members only.


As you can imagine, taking on the responsibility of developing and maintaining a cutting edge concept like Travel Global Vacations requires a solid team with experience, foresight and flexibility. Years of planning and the formation of new relationships all came together to develop Travel Global Vacations. Every one of our leaders are dedicated and driven to the same common goal of providing you with the most outstanding experience possible.

People do ask us if we have an affiliate or referral program. At this time, there is NOT an affiliate program for Travel Global Vacations. If you would like to sell our memberships and earn a referral commission, we need to set up a phone meeting and interview to see how we can best work together on a case by case basis. Call our office if you have any questions.

California & Hawaii Sales Office

Travel Global Vacations
5055 Avenida Encinas
Carlsbad, CA 92008
1888 Kalakaue Ave Suite C312
Honolulu, HI 96815


Concierge Office

47390 Hwy. 200
Hope, ID 83836

Customer Service and Support

Phone: (800) 405-5264
e-mail: support@travelglobalvacations.com

Mon-Fri: 10 am – 4 pm Hawaii Time (USA)